Data Democratization

This is one of the most beautiful projects I’ve ever seen:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this today, as I started the day off with a meeting with a department that runs events that have historically not kept accurate or easy-to-find attendance numbers. Our chat encompassed the variety of data sources available, employees not being given a clear “Why collect this data” reason, and a question of whether to store this data in 2 different systems (the current practice) or keep it in one. The meeting came about because my Marketing department has long had misunderstandings about why these issues existed. I wanted to hear the story and landscape from their perspective. It was a great conversation.

I don’t think we’ll ever completely get away from siloes, multiple data sources, and the need for institutional knowledge to fully understand how and where to find data points. So building out a data infrastructure like this sounds like the most intuitive, democratic, and thorough way to get everyone on the same page re: our organization’s data.

But how to build out a custom infrastructure so complex and user friendly at a nonprofit arts org…..

View story at

View story at


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